Name: Kevin P. Groark

Ph.D. in Anthropology (2005, UCLA);
Ph.D. in Psychoanalysis (In Process, New Center for Psychoanalysis)

Anthropologist (Medical/Psychological Anthropology)

Current Affiliation:
Clinical Research Associate / Eisenstein-Gabe Research Fellow
(New Center for Psychoanalysis)

Geographical Specializations:
Latin America / Mesoamerica (Highland Maya)

Research Topics:
Culture & Emotion • Ethnomedicine •  Ethnobiology • Ritual Curing • Illness and Healing • Medical Change • Cultural Psychodynamics • Dreaming • Ethnoepistemology • Psychoanalytic Theory • Social Theory • Religious Conversion • Urbanization

What I'm Reading :
Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation (Jonathan Lear) • Non-Places: Introduction to the Anthropology of Supermodernity (Marc Augé) • The Fabric of Affect in the Psychoanalytic Discourse (Andre Green)

Other Web Sites:
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